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Celine Dion
Isn't she Beautiful?:)
Almost everyone has heard of Celine Dion. I am a huge fan and have been a fan since 1992. My favorite Albums are: Falling Into You & Live A Paris. My favorite song is: I Love You. I Hope you find what you were looking for on my page and thanks for visiting!

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Please get involved with my site! Many of the pages have things that You can add to my page. 1. On my request page you can let others know how Celine has helped you, why you love Celine, and have your e-mail posted so you can meet other Celine fans. 2. On my poll page you can let me know what you want more of on my page. 3. On the links page you can add YOUR webpage link. 4. I have a page where you can send Celine postcards to your friends. 5. On my about Celine page... if you don't see a fact you know about her you can submit it to me and it will be put up immediatly. 6. On my request and picture page you will find an FTP site where you can upload & download Celine stuff. 7. On my picture page there is a Do You Know? page where you can tell me where the pix are from. 8. Please tell others about my site! Thanx for reading this:)

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I know I haven't updated in a while:( My computer is messed up and it's hard to use alot of programs. I have around 40 pictures to add and I will be adding them. I will probably add some tonight. I also added a story someone sent me of how Celine Dion helped them. Thanks to everyone for your support even though I haven't been updating! ~If anyone has written a biography about Celine Dion & would like to put it on my page Please email me at:snooze@tampabay.rr.com me.~ People have been asking me alot of questions about Me! If you want to know please visit my main page.Thanks!

Thanx for all your e-mails!:)

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