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Celine Dion [sony] *****
Celine Dion Seduced ***** ( updated often )
Celine live ***** (in 5 diff. languages)
Sawasdee Celine Dion *****
Celine Dion E-mail *****

Rare Video Clips **** ( must have the viewer to view them )
Re: Celine ****
Angel of the music world ****
Celine Articles ****
Celine Screen ****
Celine Immortality ****
Search Celine Dion & bid on Celine stuff for Cheap! ****
Spot on Celine ****
Celine Dion: Diva Extraordinaire(In 3 different Languages ) ****
Celine Star ****
Passion Celine ****
Celine Dion & the power of love ****
Java & Non-Java Celine page ****
Absolutly Celine ****

Nickles Restaurant ***
Celine Dion- UK***
Erin's Celine Page! ***
Buy Celine's autographed pix *** ( I recommend to visit ebay first )
The overall career of Celine Dion *** ( New rare picture every Wednesday )
Spotlight Sites ***

Coulor of My Love ** ( good info at the bottom of the page, but takes a while 2 load )
Make your own Celeb page**
Photos, links, discography, & lyrics.**
Make a Celine window cling or magnet with what ever pic you want. ***
Her music Her Life **
Celine Dion Shrine **
The wonderful Celine Dion **
Simply the Diva ** (In French)
This is Celine ** (Good stuff, but takes forever to load)
Simply Celine TV apperances **
An angelfire Celine Page **

Celine Message Board *
What Celine says about " You make me feel like a natural woman" *
Celine Dion: To love her more *

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